Disk replacement silverblue and system migration

I just received a replacement (larger) SSD for my Silverblue laptop. I was going to simply tar up /var/home to an external drive, reinstall F31 Silverblue on the new ssd and then untar /var/home. Does anyone see any gotchas with this seemingly simple procedure?

As always, make backups first. That being said, I think that should be OK.

You should probably record which system Flatpaks you have installed before switching and I would suggest either ignoring user Flatpaks & user container images (toolboxes) when creating the archive or doing some cleanup beforehand to avoid copying unused stuff.

You could connect the new SSD, create a /var/home partition, mount it as a temp mount filesystem, then rsync everything across to it. Or do just what you thought, tar it up then untar it into the new one. Rsync has archiving, de-duplication capabilities and compression too. It’s a pretty snazzy tool. If you use the rsync method and copy /var across with something like rsync -Cavz oldvar newvartempmnt you will get all of /var which includes home and installed systemwide flatpaks, plus all user dotfiles, secrets, etc…

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Ah… Merci! Did the SSD upgrade with not a single issue. The existing toolboxes, containers, flatpaks… everything is working exactly as expected.