A few question for moving to Silverblue

Hello there!

I am now a user of Fedora for two years, and given there is soon a new release of Fedora arriving, I intended to reinstall my Fedora installation, as it has become quite messy (mostly my fault though).

Planning to do this in a week, I also think about moving to Silverblue because of it’s image based structure.

However, there are a few questions that are still open, so I want to ask them here:

  1. One of the first thing I would do in my new system would be to replace the Fedora repository with the one from Flathub, because it is “upstream” and contains more applications.
    However, is it possible to do this during the installation to avoid having some programs installed which then are directly removed again?
  2. I currently have the RPM-Fusion repositories on my system for extended codecs support. However, am I correct with the assumption that I would not need them on Silverblue (as the media players are in a Flatpak and therefore recieves the codecs over the runtimes)?
  3. Lastly, a question about Flatpak: I have a custom script that runs a systemd service which runs a command when a specific program is not active (Sidenote: If someone has a better way to run a command after a program is closed as to run the command every minute checking if the program is still active first, I am also glad for an answer for that.). As I want to avoid to overlay too much packages, the question is here: Could I package this service as a Flatpak with it being dependent on the Application. An extension does not work as there I would also need to declare it in the application manifest, which is not doable for an upstream program and a personal extension.

So, these are some question I hope to resolve before Fedora 34 comes and I want to do the reinstall. So, I am glad if someone can provide some answers!

Based on my (not that reliable) memory, there is nothing to choose from when doing the initial installation of Silverblue.

I recommend you to try it to a VM to see if it fits your requirements.

Well, from previous looks at it it is like this. At the end, the flatpak repository issue is also just a minor inconvenience.

I definitely will do a test in a VM.
The Beta ISO is currently downloading.

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