Disk Decryption not working in Fedora 36 with Luks2


i installed Fedora 36 Gnome with Luks2 Disk Encryption on my PC.
After the first reboot i can unlock my drive and get to the Welcome Screen, where i can log me in.

Then after working a bit i am rebooting again and after entering my Luks2 Password, i am stuck in the loading screen. I waited for a few hours → still stuck. In Fedora 35 Gnome with exact the same setting it works just fine.

My Hardware:
Ryzen 9 5900X
Gigabyte Arorus Elite V2
WD SN850 2TB
32 GB G.Skill Ripjaws V

I did the disk partitioning by myself with ext4 and lvm:

/boot – ext4 – 1024 MiB
/boot/efi – efi-partition – 600 MiB
/swap – swap – 8192 MiB
/ – ext4 lvm – 100 GiB
/home – ext4 lvm – 1,8 TiB

Afterwards i change the lvm-group to be enrypted with luks2 and finish the installation.
Fedora 36 is the only OS installed on my Destop.

What could be causing my problem?

Are you able to remove the disk and mount it on the Fedora 35 machine? I would be very surprised if the drive could be decrypted on 35 and not 36, but that would help rule it out. You can also try mounting it from a Fedora 35 live image.

I could not test the disk with another machine. But i booted in Fedora 36 Gnome Live and there i was able to unlock my disk. Really strange.

I tried to unlock my desktop again by booting him up. After inserting the password i accidently hit CTRL or ALT (I do not know what exactly) and now he displays the start routine.

There i saw he is working on the following:
Job dev-mapper-fedora_fedora\x2dhome.device/start running

fedora_fedora is the name of my lvm.