(Fedora 36 Server Barebones) Can't Open Encrypted USB

Hello Everyone,

Background of my system:

Started with Fedora 36 Server Netinstall iso → Custom option → and no software selected to go with it on install (barebones - I am trying to upload a scripts/etc to my gitlab for this eventually).

After initial restart → Installed wayland, gnome-shell, gnome-terminal, nautilus, firefox, vim, ffmpeg, mpv, keepassxc. That is pretty much all I have on the system.

Everything is working fine but I noticed when I plug in an encrypted drive (LUKS), it hangs when mounting. No prompt comes up to enter a password for the drive.

I have turned off auto-mount for now and regular drives work fine.

Does anybody know if there are packages required by Fedora that usually aid in this function? Since I am trying to set up a minimal installation I am assuming something is missing that is normally in the full Fedora 36 desktop.


Edit: I installed the Gnome Disk Utility and it works now. I will be going through its dependencies to narrow it down, but I am assuming the CLI utility will be cryptsetup?