OS is constantly closing all windows + asking password to mount drive

On my HP OMEN desktop with Intel chip, I just replaced Windows 10 with Fedora KDE. Through the Anaconda installer, I deleted all the old data on my SSD and HDD, enabled disk encryption, and installed Fedora 36 (KDE Plasma Spin - Wayland). I am one version behind the latest stable update. The first few hours was smoother than Windows, but then I enabled sleep mode. It wake up to a black screen and mouse, so I had to hard reset my machine. I can decrypt my SSD drive with my passphrase and log in normally, but in any case I can’t access my 1 TB HDD.

However, now I can’t do anything for long, because Fedora keeps making the screen black for two seconds, closing all my windows, and asking me for my password since “authentication is required to mount /dev/mapper/luks-e31…546”. Anyone have an idea of how I can make it stop interrupting me, but still have drive encryption enabled when it needs to be?

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Please clarify, does is only happen when waking up or when during work after rebooting? If this happens when you open the lid of your laptop, it could be an issue with kernel 5.17. You can wait 2-3 weeks for 5.18 to be available from repos or you can install it yourself from Koji. There is a similar a bug in RHBZ (id 2080774), but I know for sure that it was fixed in 5.18. If the issue is not resolved in 5.18, please report a bug.

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I updated to the latest stable update today and switched to X11 for better NVIDIA compatibility, and it seems to not be interrupting me anymore. I do have kernel 5.17. Now I have two issues still:

  • I can’t put my device to sleep without it being able to wake up again even though my hardware spins back up automatically.
  • When I click my 1 TB drive and put in my password when it requests to, then nothing happens afterwards.

During installation via Anaconda (for “Installation Destination” step), was I not supposed to select both of my drives as installation devices? If not, do I need to reinstall Fedora and only pick my smaller SSD?

As far as I know the system only needs one sorage device. After installation you can mount any device. I have never used SSD + HDD. I’m sure this is a popular case how to use OS with SSD and HDD, search in Docs or in Google. You can experiment with installing /root, /boot, /boot/efi on the SSD and /home on the HDD. Do you need encryption on your HDD? You can try turning off encryption and see how it works. Maybe there is a problem with the encryption service. Be careful if there is important data on the HDD!

For other problems wait for the new kernel or report to maintainers.

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