Did anyone try custom Kernels on immutable Fedora yet?

Ublue made the start, so now its rather easy to create your own version of Fedora OSTree with for example the Nobara fixes, the xanmod kernel, the hardened Kernel or something else.

Did anyone try a custom kernel yet? It should be fine with a lot of tweaking, if the package works normally.

Here is the only COPR with recent updates I could find, the RT xanmod kernel is not in it, so it needs more work.

But there is also this Nobara COPR repo which you could in theory use to build your Nobara-like OSTree Fedora version. Its kernel also has many improvements for gaming and probably all other tasks.

Solutions for rpm-ostree I could find all are very specific like this wiki entry. I got the “multiple kernels” error as well as the “nonlocal overrides not supported yet”. Anyways I just pinned my current deployment and tried this:

rpm-ostree override replace \
  --remove=kernel \
  --remove=kernel-core \
  --remove=kernel-modules \
  --remove=kernel-headers \
  --remove=kernel-devel \
  --remove=kernel-devel-matched \
  --install=kernel-xanmod-edge \
  --install=kernel-xanmod-edge-core \
  --install=kernel-xanmod-edge-devel \
  --install=kernel-xanmod-edge-devel-matched \
  --install=kernel-xanmod-edge-modules \

based on this discussion post.

This again resulted in many dependencies unfulfilled, so either the existing COPRs have outdated versions, or they lack some packages.

I would absolutely not want to install all kernel packages manually. If there is some semi-automatic way to do this, I am in!

Xanmod is shown to have many speed improvements for gaming, which I would like to test.