Silverblue on Surface Pro 4

Hi i recently read a lot about silverblue and also used fedora toolbox on my main fedora 30 machine.

I would like to try the full silverblue experience on my Surface Pro 4 but i have one open question.
To get all features working (touchpad, pen, etc) I need to build a custom kernel and apply the patches from
Also two firmware files need to be placed under lib which is read-only on silverblue.

How would i do this on a silverblue machine?

Since you should be able to rpm-ostree override replace ./kernel*rpm. So if you manage to get your custom kernel built into an RPM you should be able to override the one in the tree. I’d recommend grabbing the sources from Fedora applying the patches and building an RPM. You can then install that using the command above.

Hi thanks for your reply. I tried it and when i try to override the kernel package i get an error at the end saying
Multiple subdirectories found in: usr/lib/modules

any ideas?