XanMod Kernels Compatibility in Fedora 35

Right now I’ve been trying hard to run WayDroid in my Laptop and can’t figure out the issue and later discovered that WayDroid is mostly supported by Xanmod Kernels. Now I’m very hesitant to try custom kernels. Anyone from the community who previously used it or is most acquainted with them help me to make the right decision and
Also any WayDroid users on fedora ?? Help me with the installation! here- https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/t/waydroid-issues-in-installation-and-usage/71542?u=hemanthch

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There are xanmod kernel repository available in Fedora Copr rmnscnce/kernel-xanmod. I test it, it’s ok. But before you try it your self, please read my post bellow:

I test this kernel and found out that you need to disable “secure boot” in BIOS setting to be able to boot with this kernel. If you’re using Nvidia, please read carefully the installation instruction there.

My suggestion:

  1. Before you install xanmod, it’s better if you update your Fedora first and reboot it in case there something need to reboot after the update.
  2. Disable secure boot on your BIOS.
  3. On the boot list, choose the best kernel you already installed that you know it working well with your system and boot in it.
  4. Follow the instruction on how to install you found on Fedora Copr rmnscnce/kernel-xanmod.

About the WayDroid, I’m not interest to try to install because my low power CPU.

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