Déjà dup S3 "storage location no longer supported" – what to do?

Hi there. After some upgrade some weeks ago, my Déjà Dup, which I configured for use with Amazon S3, fails backing up with the following message:

This storage location is no longer supported. You can still use duplicity directly to back up or restore your files.

Did anybody run into the same issue and fix it?

I’m wondering two things:

  1. Would it make sense to configure duplicity and bypass déjà dup? I did appreciate the simplicity, though. How would I go about bypassing Déjà Dup?
  2. The only other cloud option offered in Déjà Dup would be Google Drive. Does it make sense to make the switch?


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It seems that S3 was dropped since version 41

Releases · World / Déjà Dup Backups · GitLab

  • Drop deprecated backends (GOA, S3, GCS, OpenStack, and Rackspace)

I was looking for some discussions about this change, but I haven’t found anything.


Ah! Maybe here Apps/DejaDup/Clouds - GNOME Wiki!

Our policy is to only support consumer-targeted cloud services (i.e. Google Drive but not Google Cloud Storage, OneDrive but not Azure Storage, etc).

Déjà Dup used to offer several more-technical cloud storage services. As of version 35.4, it no longer shows those services by default because in the long term, we’d like to move away from them.

Specifically, the following services are deprecated: Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Openstack Swift, and Rackspace Cloud Files.

How to Enable Anyway

If you want to restore from one, simply start a restore and select it from the location drop down. If you want to back up to one, open dconf-editor and navigate to /org/gnome/deja-dup and change the backend key to either gcs, openstack, rackspace, or s3.

When you next open Déjà Dup, you can now see a new option in the storage location drop down.

I found their announcement as well but the steps in “How to Enable Anyway” seem outdated.

If you’ve used S3 before, that setting has always been there. It does not enable any form to input settings, neither will the backup succeed.

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We found a bug?

Their wiki is not up to date with version 41, you could consider that a bug in the docs.

If anyone is looking for an alternative to Deja Dup + S3, you can try Oak Backup.