Cloud backup for home users

I have a dilemma on what cloud backup solutions are suitable for home users.
What personal cloud backup solutions do you use?

I have a local SSD drive attached to the Fedora server and this should connect to cloud backup services with rdiff-backup or similar standard protocols for versioned backup and restoration.

Types of data I want to back up is the storage of unstructured data like;
backup files, server logs, private keys, config settings (/etc ), Health/sports data (gpx), plain text documents (nano, gedit, YAML, JSON), images, videos

The data size is less than 100GB. Even though I collate all data scattered across various home devices, it won’t be larger than 1TB in the next few years.

So far a fine balance for my need looks like Storj DCS (Decentralized Cloud Storage - Decentralized Backups). Storj is open source.

Market providers offer complex tiered pricing that discourages usage. I have looked at alternative clouds like OpenStack-based, but it is more suited to mission-critical apps/enterprise solutions.

Factors to consider;

  • Cost: Download / migration.
  • Administration: setup and maintenance
  • Compatibility (API, *nix backup utility)
  • Reliability (data redundancy, speed and so on)

For Red Hat’s employee laptops, our IT switched from SpiderOak (Linux-friendly but proprietary) to Deja Dup / duplicity. With this bug fixed, that should back up fine to Google Drive, which with < 100GB should work just fine — and the Google 2TB plan is a pretty-reasonable $10/month. And Deja Dup can work with multiple storage providers, so you’re not tied to that.

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I pay around €5 a month for Hetzner’s hosted Nextcloud with 500GB storage. Super cheap, I’ve so far only used it as a Dropbox replacement, calendar and contact storage though.

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Are there caps for download and any additional fees I should be aware of?

Deja Dup is a Christmas gift for me:)
I set weekly backup with Deja Dup for my laptop. Duplicity backup file created in Google Drive in a few minutes (with a bottleneck of home broadband’s 36 Mbps speed). No sweat.

After a festive break, I should think about server backup.

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2TB outgoing quota before throttling for the 500GB plan, 1TB for 100GB. Incoming traffic (eg backing up) doesn’t count

I was dithering way too long and finally signed up for Storage box. A monthly fee is fixed for the storage size (1TB to start with - €3.48) and no download fee. It works just like my local file server and scaling up/down is simple. A great solution for home server backup. Glad to hear it is hosted NextCloud.