Deja-dup fails on backup with permission error ~/www/.deja-dup-ignore


The recent update to 5.7.11-200.fc32.x86_64 along with all the other goodies that came with it seems to have broken the “Backups” utility. That utility errors with a rather long error message ending in a permission denied error for the file ~/www/.deja-dup-ignore. When I checked, that directory “~/www” was present, but the directory permissions were too restrictive and the “.deja-dup-ignore” file was missing.

To fix the error, I ran chmod +xw on the “~/www” directory in the home directory, then I changed to the “~/www” directory and ran “touch ./.deja-dup-ignore”.

After I did these changes, the Backups utility worked properly and also verified the backup OK. I hope this information is helpful to others.



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