Debugging a request using Eclipse and Insomnia on Linux

Hi everyone. I have a question. It’s not necessarily about Fedora, but my question was ignored in other places and here the people are generally cooler… Ok, does anyone know how I can somehow connect the debug through Eclipse using Insomnia? I work on an application and use Tomcat 8.5 as the server in this backend. But somehow when I run debug on server and send the request it always goes straight through. It’s also happened in Spring applications, it even works when I send it through the terminal, but this request has many parameters and etc. I’m having trouble testing and I don’t know if I should do anything differently on Linux, since on Windows the debug apparently works naturally. Can anyone help me or know anything like it? The system is running perfectly.

Sorry if the topic is a bit off the beaten path in this forum, but it’s a real question, and I haven’t found many clarifying explanations.

One more thing, I use Fedora 38, is it worth switching to 39 now or can I use it at least until the beginning of next year without any problems. I’ve been on Fedora since August, enjoying it and learning a lot.


If you wish you may continue with fedora 38 until it reaches EOL about April next year. If you choose you may upgrade to F39 at any time before F38 reaches EOL.