Java audio issue Fedora 35 - Known Fedora issue or mine?

Have a couple of Java programs(can upload source if you want to see it) I wrote that play audio, after upgrading too Fedora 35 they no longer work.(they play a few seconds of audio then freeze). Is this a bug with my program or Fedora. If it’s with Fedora I’ll send a Bug report and if the bug is my fault I’ll go to Stackoverflow.

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  1. You wrote the java program.
  2. Both JRE and JDK have been upgraded several times recently.
  3. When did you write the programs? It seems probably before F35 was released since you just upgraded to 35.

I would consider modifying the program to be compatible with the current JRE if you want it to work. Most software developers continually upgrade their software as the fedora OS is constantly being updated.

By the way, Jamie, in your title you have “my end or yours” which makes me think you think you’re sending a note to the Fedora official support team. This forum is actually just a collection of Fedora users who can often help other Fedora users with their questions. So your posting title could more appropriately say “known Fedora issue or mine?”

As Jeff says, as the supporting software elements that you use evolve, your software may need to evolve, either because the supporting elements (APIs) changed or a new bug has surfaced. As a software developer, you know this drill and how to begin to debug it. Not knowing anything about your software and the APIs you are using but hearing you say the audio runs for a short period before halting, I’d be wondering about API callbacks.

Good luck.

Right I’ll see what has changed in the API.

Fyi not sure if the libraries I am using are up to date and it probably take work to fix them. I do have alantives I can use. I will close this.