Crop in Application Open File/Attachment?


Hai All,
I use fedora 36 pre-release with the lastest kernel 5.17.0-300.fc36.x86_64, every time i open application then i try to open file example image file or pdf file from those application, the menu open file is some cropping( See my SS below) . This happen in chrome( when i try to open image SS for this thread) in firefox, in strawberry music player, and others, but in some application like libreoffice, deadbeef the menu open file is normal(not cropping).
I don’t have this issue in Fedora 35.

How to solve this problem.

Thank You in Advance

All apps of gnome 42 is under rc tag and not been truly stable and fedora is still in the pre beta stage so it seems to be a bug in gnome shell as gnome just made a chnage to gtk4 libadwaita so some apps hav’t been optimized fully for gnome 42.if you file a bug it will help them.
You can report a bug at fedora.