CoreOS Architecture/Overview Documentation

I was reading the documentation page on deploying CoreOS to DigitalOcean and I during the process I was looking to add/attach a DO block/volume to the droplet. This lead me down the path of trying to find a reference to the file structure for CoreOS. I’m pretty safe to assume that /var is something that should be backed/retained for system updates/failures.

Specifically I’m thinking of something like running a container with something like Caddy server that handles certificates with Let’s Encrypt. Those certificates should/would be nice to have as a backup/shared volume between system updates.

Is there a reference page (I could not find one) that discusses the file system structure and the use cases? I vaguely remember the original CoreOS having something similar…


I’ve installed caddyserver before on ostree systems via rpm-ostree. Other than having to do some selinux tweaking, it worked as excepted, including the autohttps. The certs persisted between reboots. It’s possible to do it inside a container using toolbox and wrapping it in systemd.

You’re probably looking for Configuring Storage :: Fedora Docs & Configuring Storage :: Fedora Docs

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That is the one, thank you!