CoreOS on Bare Metal - filesystem on root performance

I’d like to use CoreOS on a home file server. I’ve got it setup and working pretty well, but I wanted CoreOS itself (because it is immutable) to boot/run off a USB thumb drive and then use docker images to server all the apps/files. It’s all working really well… except the performance of my USB stick is pretty dismal. Every command I run, every login, every container start is really slow. Once the app’s are in memory, they’re plenty quick. But I think I need to get CoreOS to mount the writeable /var from something with better performance.

So how do I mount /var from my other drives in the system? Is it just as easy as creating a var.mount file in /etc/systemd/system and pointing at one of my other hard drives?

Check out the Example for adding a /var partition under the File Systems section of the docs.