Fedora CoreOS Authoritive dns server

Would something like Fedora CoreOS work well as a Authoritative DNS server? I was thinking about using nsd software package. I’m a beginner with immutable base distros and i admit I’m out of my dept doing something like this.

What i would like to achieve is to have the nsd package auto installed, and the config and zone file loaded. In the event that i would need to reinstall or make any changes, i should be able to get back to the same state without any additional manual work.

Right now i just have a basic install of CoreOS up and running in my lab. Is this something that is easily doable with CoreOS or should i just use a regular Fedora server image and use Ansible to automate the config and zone file?

You can automate that setup using a Butane config and a container with nsd inside.

@siosm - I agree.

@smoothkey2924 - This all depends on who you are and what you’re comfortable with. The nice thing about Fedora CoreOS is it auto updates itself (this can be configured to only update at certain times of day/week).

Containers have been around for a while, but still new to some people so it may be a learning curve. IMO the learning will be well worth it.

What I would do is get the software running in a container and then deploy that container on Fedora CoreOS (best to automate it using Butane/Ignition) and then configure a build system to periodically build the container (i.e. with updated packages so your container is getting software updates too). So now your OS updates itself and your container is periodically updated by your build system (i.e. quay.io can be configured to periodically build containers). You can also configure your container start (i.e. when the FCOS machine reboots into a new update) to pull from the remote registry when starting the container (i.e. if a new update exists for your container it will get pulled).

I hope this helps.