Copy Paste shortcuts

Hi all,
Can anyone help me find a way to copy/paste text, via keyboard?
I’m happy of my Fedora35 fresh installation and I’d be more than happy if I’d be able to use shortcuts.
Surprisingly, Ctrl+Shift+C, acts similarly to F12 (developer tools).

Thank you all in advance!

Welcome to ask fedora @hookie

Can you pease give an example what and how do you want to copy?
Normaly it is for copy Ctrl & c and paste Ctrl & v (except terminal)

Was it this what you are looking for?


Unfortunately, these shortcuts don’t work.
e.g the Ctrl & C of a text, gives just a “C”

What application are you copy pasting in?

ctrl c and ctrl v work for everything apart from terminals, where we use ctrl shift c and ctrl shift v because ctrl c and ctrl v are mapped to other things.


(left) Ctrl & Shift & C, replaces my text with a “C”
(right) Ctrl & Shift & C, does nothing (suppose has copied the highlighted text, but then Ctrl & Shift + V gives nothing…

What application are we talking about? What desktop environment are you using? Gnome?


Firstly, thank you so much of your help.
I’m trying to achieve a text copy everywhere: in a web page, in KWrite…
everywhere a word can be highlighted.
So far, I can do with a right click of my mouse.
I use Fedora 35, switched to KDE plasma, since failed to find a way while in GNOME…

In a web-page or KWrite or any application other than a terminal, ctrl c copies and ctrl v pastes.

In a terminal ctrl shift c copies and ctrl shift v pastes.

If this isn’t working, that’s an issue that we need to look into.


Unfortunately I’m unable to use these shortcuts.
Also, this week upgraded a friend’s old PC (SSD disk & RAM) where installed Fedora35 as well.
The same “issue” once again…
Be noticed, I can use the terminal easily, in case of the system’s configs inspection…

I can’t find a bug about this, so we’ll have to wait for someone that uses to confirm if they’re seeing the bug or not. (I’m not on KDE unfortunately.)

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Maybe a stupid question, but did you hold down [ctrl] while pressing [c]?

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Hi Huben
Yes, of course.
I do what I do in Windows since long ago…

But, changed my (DELL) keyboard with my wife’s (DELL) keyb and WORKED!!!
Thank you all guys for your support!