Copilot+ PC/Laptops will bring more linux users

what is your take on this it can record and screenshot everything and have acces on everything on your PC i will bet more users are coming to linux for sure… is microsoft shooting them self on there leg


The Recall feature could be useful for looking back at things that I might forget, if:

  • It runs locally and privately on the device
  • Does not bind to my Microsoft account
  • There is a feature for guests to not peek into your Recall

Overall, pretty useful, but I don’t trust Microsoft that much for my data, the feature could have potential.

Side note, I’m not too interested in Copilot+ PC that much :P.


similatrthings are coming to non copilot+ pc already with software side so nothing new privacy is where already… i might test that chris titus windows debloat script that deletes all AI copilot and other stuff on my VM

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I just think Microsoft is so damn overengineering everything.

Like Windows updates, they are so completely overcomplicated and likely hash the entire OS, while rpm-ostree works way more reliably and still very fine.

Or recording the complete stuff you do, why? Just record the stuff you do that might break things.

This is a total waste of energy, while these laptops with a real OS could be useful for a local assistant

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My take is simple. Do not trust Microsoft.

Recent histroy dictates they lie to their customers. Just look at the recent Outlook and Bitlocker issues.

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more bad news even banking sites gets screenshots no censors atm

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People who are curious about technical stuff would come to Linux soon or later anyway.

Unfortunately most people aren’t interested at all in technicalities, on the contrary, they think technical stuff is just annoying and for “nerds”.

Corporations like MS and Apple sell their products not because they are good but because people associate those products with the idea of “enjoyable experience”.

The very idea of the “assistant” is a nightmare for us but is obviously appealing for MS and Apple customers who want computing to be “easy” like in “somebody/something does the work instead of me”.

If you had any experience with customers you know you NEVER tell them of technicalities unless it is a silly marketing slogan that gives the idea of “new”, “better”, “easier” and so on. Customers don’t want to be told of issues, limitations, costs, anything related to the reality of things, customers want to be told lies.

Personally I had to attend meetings with powerpoint presentations full of “BANG!” and “ZOING!” where if you looked at the numbers and the graphs you easily made out that they did not make any real sense. Like you make a plan to invest X money to build a product that can be sold to max 10 people and when you say “nice, but, you know, we have to divide X by 10” (X being BIG money) everybody in the meeting looks at you like you have got a flower growing on your forehead.

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Yes and people are completely blind that all that automatic AI scanning searching recommending crap is harmful.

But still, they might want to switch when the OS gets creepy and not a joyful experience anymore.

Wow, that’s really cynical and quite frankly, untrue. Most people, just want their stuff to work, that’s all it usually boils down to. And the proprietary vendors of OS’s (and hardware) know this. So they spend a lot of R&D dollars satisfying that very basic tenant of “it just works with …”. I have been repairing building and commissioning many different types of equipment, including computer based systems, for companies, and for just regular folks I know. In all cases they were interested in knowing about their stuff, just maybe not getting all the specialized knowledge I had on the topic.

True, the customers have to push the change though. I mean I don’t see it happening, there seems to be some brand loyalty issues in that regard, so boycotting their favourite tech is likely not going to happen.

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Well I guess Telegram privacy is done and Copilot is moving like a cancer

It took and act from God to get people I knew onto Telegram. . . It’ll be twice as hard to get them onto Signal, Element, Dino . . .

Sounds like what browser history is doing but then for the whole operating system? I don’t think many users will care enough to switch. I agree that it doesn’t sound very useful and might be a security nightmare if malware is able to read the history.

Something interesting that I came across recently, usage by developers of the linux desktop seems to be rapidly growing according to the stackoverflow surveys. Since 2023 the linux desktop overtook windows.

Here are the numbers for professional developers:

2021 - 25.17% (windows 41.2%)
2022 - 39.89% (windows 48.82%)
2023 - 54.54% (windows 46.91%)

2023 is the most interesting because it includes which distro’s people are using, fedora doesn’t seem to be popular with 3.05%. It might be that the audience for the stackoverflow survey is a little biased, but it should be somewhat accurate with its giant number of participants.


I have ditched long time ago all those LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Facebook stuff and use only Signal minimalist digital footprint will I try at least on social media and I use Black magic forums and Fedora Discussion only

Linkedin was once very useful ! I met a ton of people very well connected and was hired for several contracts through that network. It’s unfortunate to see what has become of it now.

Never cared for WhatsApp, Facebook was ok until 2012.

The only thing I’d like to know is how similar are these new ARM CPUs to Apple Silicon and how much work will it take to get Fedora Asahi running on them?

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I was on/off relationship some years on Facebook and Whatsapp because I needed to have something to contact my family etc, but it took some time to get them to signal and when all agreed to get signal it was so easy to ditch those. LinkedIn I just got so much marketing spams and scams that I just left no point to be there shame that everything is ruined by corpo marketing stuff and other shii…

It should just be instruction sets maybe just l1 & l2 cache at the most. AMD has a leg up in this due to them providing an x86 core small enough to still be x86 and run SIMD instructions.

I don’t think you want to read my war stories but believe me, I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe… Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion… I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate.
Once I had a meeting with a guy who said to be a top manager for [big name] USA branch. Like the chief of everything or something like that. He came to my poor company asking to develop a Web application/service and he had it all already designed. The very first thing he presented to me and the team of graphics was the logo. It was the 1:1 copy of the American Online logo. I said “it is very cool but I think we can’t use it, Mr. XYZ, you know, it looks like this one (AOL)”. He became purple and began yelling. Then we moved to the other great ideas he had, like Homer Simpson designing a new car.
Another time I had a meeting with the sister company in the holding and those “managers” had another idea for a product/service. They said they wanted to build and infrastructure to serve 1000 contemporary users. I said ok, that would cost 123. They replied too much, so I asked how much do you want to spend, they told me, I said ok that is enough for about 10 users. What is the business plan exacly? Well, we do like anybody else, we sell subscriptions. Good, I bet people will fight for the priviledge of paying for a service that can serve 10 users a time, the 11th user must wait.
That was like 30 years ago, way head of times, but nowadays football (soccer) games in my country are sold on a Web streaming service and it doesn’t work, guess why. Everybody complains but nobody wonders what infrastructure you need to serve thousands or millions. Lets sell subscritions.
Finally, my partner in the company, who mostly took care of sales and sales people. His motto was “if it is a technical problem, it isn’t a problem”. The meaning was two folds, first he meant you can always find somebody who know how to do the thing (obviously true for cooking pizza, false if you want to land on the moon), secondly he meant the technical aspects are secondary compared to the “event” where you meet people interested in making business. You can agree on a project that makes no sense but people around the table gain from it despite it is going to fail at some point.
Few days ago I read an interview of the owner of a big firm in clothes, he complained that the managers he appointed hid a loss of 100 millions. Yeah right. Anyway you can be sure those manager will get their bonuses.
In case you wonder why many try but only few become like Google.

And, above it all, a good educating experience is to do demonstrations. Besides the classic “blue screen” in front of customers, besides the programmer who instead of an error message wrote some insults to god, the most frustrating thing is to talk in front of people who are not paying attention. So you ask the sales guy and he says, you know, with customers you must have some jokes about sex and soccer, they don’t care of bytes.

About customers pushing the change.
MS and Apple customers think we are idiots or freaks.
Again it is all about selling stuff and to sell you don’t need the better product or the better offering, you have to convince customers they need whatever you sell.
You sell the magic syrup that cures everything and they buy it, if you manage to be “simpatethic” meaning they feel good whatever you do and say.
That one or you take them to some club with prostitutes.

Okay Roy, but what does that have to do with FOSS vs The Big Business?


I’ve already reported is as spam.