COMPLETED ARTICLE but not sure what workflow to follow: How to configure an ssh proxy server

Hi Curt:

Hmm, I don’t see a card for your article in Taiga (

A card should have been created after your proposal was approved (Clarifying Proposals :: Fedora Docs).

Did this article go through the approval process? I don’t see it in the old approval system either (

For what it’s worth, your article has a +1 from me, but you’ll need to get two +1’s before your article/proposal can proceed through the remaining steps to get published.

I hope your article gets approved! It’d be a shame if you did all the work of writing it for nothing.

Hello @rcurtiswarfield,
WRT new articles, It is a bit lumpy until we hammer out some details please bear with us until we get ourselves up to speed.
I +1 your article, so in keeping with established procedure, I (or another editor) can make a card for it on Taiga.
Thanks for your continued and interesting contributions Curt. I promise we will clarify the process shortly.

[Edit]: Card created on Taiga, I assigned Curt Warfield to it.

I know it’s superfluous but +1 from me too!