Article corrections and comment approvals

  • Is there some way to update an article in Fedora Magazine if some errors have been found? Old mailing list seems to suggest that only editors can do this, but process for enabling this is not clear.

  • Can authors of an article approve posts? One gets messages to do so, but it seems not possible to actually approve, old mailing list indicates this an editorial function.

I think they gradually grant more access over time as you prove your trustworthiness and reliability. I think they also grant more access if you volunteer to do more of the editing work and appear to have fairly good US English composition skills.

I don’t know what the official rules are, but I’ve been contributing for years and there are still lots of things I don’t have access to. I did just recently (a couple months ago) get access to edit published articles though. I think the best way to communicate such desired changes would probably be though the taiga card for the article. The cards are hidden after the article is published, but I think you can still find them and get access to them through the search functionality (

Thanks. Updated the Taiga card with requested changes.

I’ll get at that tomorrow morning. Took a quick look tonight and left a comment on the card.