Community Blog typos on main page


There’s a few typos at the top of communityblog.fpo:

News and updates for about the Fedora Project community that develops supports and promotes Fedora. For more information, and to download the Fedora OS head to Get Fedora. For general news about the Fedora OS, check out the Fedora Magazine

I found that this text is baked into the theme on index.php, so I modified it to this, but I don’t know if this will get overwritten by a script / if the theme is hosted in a repo somewhere that also needs to be updated, etc:

<div class="tag-archive-meta">
  <p>News and updates for and about the Fedora Project community that develops, 
supports, and promotes Fedora. For more information, and to download the Fedora 
OS head to <a href="">Get Fedora</a>. For general news about 
the Fedora OS, check out the <a href="">Fedora 

Thanks, Mo! The theme is in the communityblog-theme repo.

Tanks :slight_smile: 'Tis a PR!

The design group is an admin on the repo, so you can merge it. I don’t have permissions on the repo.

Hm that’s interesting - I’m not sure that makes a lot of sense lol. Does the websites team have admin too? (I did just merge it anyway!)

No. The permissions are:

  • ryanlerch (maintainer)
  • codeblock (commit)
  • chrisroberts (admin)
  • fedora-design (admin)

Historically, we had a member of Fedora Infrastructure release the theme code and update the theme from the WordPress interface. I think @ryanlerch or @kevin would usually help us with this before. I’m not sure who is best to ask for help. I suppose if we packaged it right, any WordPress admin could update the theme from a ZIP archive upload.

The magazine/community blog wordpress instances are running in controlled by OSPO these days. :slight_smile:
So, I guess @misc would be the one to ping?

Yes, would be me, @duck-rh, or @jasonbrooks . I am not sure how to update the theme, but once that’s merged, I can take a look.

So, we found that there is a few way to update the theme. There is the “git” way, and the “zip” way.

The git way is the one we used for initial deployment. We can push using a git repo, and it deploy it. However, sees no one was told it was to be done this way, so the blog admins seems to have used a alternative way, which is “build a zip file and upload a new theme”, which explain why there is 2 themes on comblog (and 25 on fedora magazine).

So I am not sure what would be the best way to proceed. I would love to have some automation, but I am not sure where Fedora can run some CI tasks at the moment (basically, git clone, git push and having some ssh key stored as secret, anything would do the trick).

If not, the theme can be updated like before and we can add automation “later”.

For what it is worth, the CommBlog theme is very rarely updated and does not have as many maintainers as the Fedora Magazine theme. A manual deployment would scratch the immediate itch of fixing some brand/identity pieces, and we could open a ticket somewhere to track an automated way of deploying changes.

It would be fantastic to build more enthusiasm for contributing to the CommBlog theme, but we need to make sure we have an expedient way to ship improvements and changes first, in my opinion.

Just FYI. We’ve been updating the Fedora Magazine theme using the “zip” method because that is the way that was documented:

That documentation was created before I joined FM. So I don’t know what the reason(s) might be behind the decision to do it that way. But I’m totally fine with using some more automated git-based method. Ryan has mentioned that he would like to move the theme repo to gitlab as well. And I also like that idea. So maybe those two birds can be killed with one stone?