Replace with a doc on docs.fp.o is a pretty simple directory of 3rd-party (i.e. Fedora is not responsible for the content) sites from around the world.

over 50% of the links to these sites do not work any more, and the site itself has not been updated in a long time.

the source for this site is contained in the repo:

My proposal here is to

  1. convert it into a simple document hosted on,
  2. retire the site itself
  3. set up a redirect from to the document on docs.fp.o



Sounds great. The only question is who owns the doc going forward. Might be a question for the Outreach Revamp objective? (@sumantrom and @marianab, your thoughts?)

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Also, there doesnt seem to be a good place in the current docs to put this either. There are no docs on there for ambassadors or outreach.

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This site was intended to be a aggregator/staring point to point to all the community sites… but yeah, it’s not gotten much activity of late and indeed should be considered by the outreach revamp folks. Thanks for bringing it up!

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The fact that over 50% of the links do not work anymore and it doesn’t seem to have brought to notice of anyone this far does point to the fact that maybe there are not a lot of takers for the site. It would not really make a lot of sense to develop/rewrite something that simply doesn’t have users so yeah, retiring it and redirecting folks to a document on docs.fp.o makes sense.

Given the work done on the Community Outreach Revamp Knowledge Base, I would place content like this in the CommOps docs site. It could be adapted as a new section or plugged into one of the ones created as part of the revamp.

I also defer to @sumantrom or @marianab to weigh in on this one.

I met with @marianab and @sumantrom yesterday and we discussed this thread. Our first thought is we agree that it isn’t very useful in it’s current state, and since it is just coming up, we are also guessing not many people make use of the page. We do feel the info is important, the up to date bits that is :slight_smile: Combined with other needs that have come up during the Outreach Community Revamp, we would love to make use of this URL, with all stakeholders agreement permitting.

We feel it could be built into a simple & useful static page for Ambassadors and folks interested in Outreach to more effectively engage with people. We threw around a bunch of ideas and settled on these three as what we believe could be the most useful/concise use of the page:

  1. Links to the most active/maintained chat channels (selective)
  • Introductions, Join SIG, devel, Mindshare, Council, FESCo, Flock/Nest IRC/Element channels
  1. Links to the important tools/spaces in the Fedora ecosystem
  • Pages such as AskFedora, Discussion, Docs homepage, Fedocal, Mote, Packager Dashboard, Badges
  1. A set of simple infographics highlighting different aspects of Fedora that ambassadors can use as a tool while talking to people.
  • Infographics such as the org chart (or pieces of it), the Mindshare teams infographics developed in summer 2020, and something covering Fedora & Red Hat’s relationship

We would love to get feedback on these ideas. It would be great to hear from folks involved in outreach focused teams, past or present (Ambassadors & Join SIG peeps specifically). Is this something you would find useful? Is there something you always wished you had to show/info to provide to people who are interested in Fedora?

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