Changing the CommBlog front page?

At the recent Fedora Council face-to-face (readout to come), one of the things we talked about briefly was focusing more on the Community Blog as a source of internal project announcements. Part of the feedback was that the current front page makes it hard to see the content. In contrast, Fedora Magazine has a much greater post density on the front page. This makes it easy to quickly see the latest content when visiting the front page.

So my question is: does anyone object to trying a front page layout that’s closer to Fedora Magazine’s?


I have wanted this for a long time! Big +1.

If the CommBlog theme is going to get some love again, there is a laundry list of improvements from over the years here:

Do you have some historical context on why we have a custom theme? It’s not clear from looking in the repo. Ideally, we’d use an existing theme that we can customize to our needs instead of having to find available WordPress development capacity in the community, but if there’s something that requires us to have our own theme, it would be good to document that for posterity.

There isn’t to my knowledge. I think the CommBlog followed the precedent of the Fedora Magazine with its custom theme. If there is anyone that can answer this definitively, it is @ryanlerch. Maybe @pfrields too?

That said, I think it is a design mistake to use the same theme unmodified for the Magazine and CommBlog. It confuses brand identity.

I don’t think that the two being the same, minus the logo of course, would
“confuse brand identity” so much as it would clearly indicate a unified
theme for Fedora blogs. This would be good for the brand, in my opinion.