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After authoring the latest article I’m getting notifications (over email and in WordPress) every time a comment is made to look at its moderation. I don’t have moderation controls enabled on this blog, and I don’t particularly want them. Is there a way to not get these notifications? I would suggest making that the default for new authors if that’s at all possible. Thanks!

For me, the following appears under Settings → Discussion.


I think those are just my settings though. Do you see something similar?

If so, let me know if that works and I’ll look into how to change the defaults for those settings.

Just to clarify, that is the “Discussion” menu entry near the bottom of the column at the left in the WP dashboard

Uh I’m not seeing this at all, and I can’t seem to find a “Discussion” menu entry anywhere in the dashboard. On the left column I only have Dashboard / Jetpack / Posts / Media / Comments / Profile / Tools, and under Profile (where I’d expect personal settings to be) I only have “Profile” and “Your OpenIDs”.

Maybe it is a global setting then?

I’ve changed it from my view:


@rlengland: Are the settings now changed when you view them?

If so, I guess we’ll have to decide if we want these to be the defaults for everyone.

Yes, I’m seeing them as you show them but they were all 4 checked for me earlier.
I’m sort of reliant on at least the “…held for moderation” and I find “Anyone…” at least useful but I suppose I could live without it.

Upon further consideration, I’m not certain I’m relying on any of them. None of them are reporting comments that need to be approved, are they?

I don’t know. But we may just have to live without it. If it comes us being timely about approving comments versus the authors being subjected to unwanted spam, it is more important that our valued authors are treated well.

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