Comment moderation privileges

Editors, inspired by jakfrost’s comment I took a look at our role setup.

amott has the Contributor role, which we have not granted comment moderation privileges to. We do grant moderation to the Author role. Contributor is the default, so should we make promoting our authors to the Author role a normal part of the editorial SOP, or is there some other criteria we use?

+1 from me on that @bcotton. I think there is little distinction between a Contributor and an Author if their contribution is in the form of authoring an article.

Yeah, I think “Contributor” is probably the wrong name. “Person who has logged in” is more correct, if unweildy. “Contributor” is by far the largest group, most people who have logged in to comment.

Maybe community ‘Member’ is more appropriate.

Probably, but I don’t want to bikeshed the names here. Let’s settle the $topic and then come back to it if we want.

Right, there’s definitely a difference between “Fedora contributor who logs into our WP” and “person writing a 2 * +1’d article.” A different name is fine. IMHO we don’t necessarily want random things ending up on the WP that we have to clean up periodically, if we don’t have to. If there are other levels we need, or we should change any of them, we can.


Okay, I’ve updated amott to be an author. I’ll add some WordPress notes to the SOP docs.


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My first article was published this morning (thanks for the great docs and help through the process all!), and I’m getting emails to moderate some comments. I’m happy to spread the load, but I don’t currently have privileges to actual do the moderation. I ran across this post, so I’m wondering if I need to have the Author role?

Thanks all!

Hi @troycurtisjr,
I don’t seem to have the rights to modify your account status at WP. Perhaps @bcotton or @pfrields could be of assistance. Generally, like I just did, the editors will review the comments pending throughout the day, but help is always appreciated.

I fixed your glitch!

I also upgraded @jakfrost’s privileges on the site. Use your powers for good! :slight_smile:

Thank you @pfrields, I will endeavor to uphold the high standards of those who came before me.