Coming soon: schedule revision requests

Hey team. Momentarily, I will be creating issues in the schedule repo to check with teams as I prepare to create the F37-F42ish schedules. I’ll also publish a CommBlog post next week to let teams that don’t currently have a schedule create one.

What am I asking of you? Feel free to self-assign some of the issues and work with those teams to review existing schedule milestones. If anything needs to be added/removed/edited, let me know in the issue. If you come across teams that would like to have tasks represented in the schedule, create an issue for them.

You can take as many or as few of the issues as you’d like (but don’t take all of them at once, in case others want to grab a few :slight_smile:). I’d like to have the edits ready by mid-August so I can start copying the F36 schedule forward. I can always make edits after that, but that will mean manually making the same edits on each schedule.

If you want to re-familiarize yourself with how the schedule works (conceptually, you won’t be making the edits in Smartsheet), you can watch the training video, available on the resources page.

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Please don’t forget to take some issues in the schedule repo to help me get the release schedules updated for the next three years.

Already reviewed all open schedule tickets and I’m going to take a couple of them however because of my current job I won’t have spare time for next couple of days to manage anything.

Thanks, Pavel! Feel free to assign yourself to the ones you want. It’s okay if you can’t get to them for a few days. I suspect the teams will be slow to reply anyway. :slight_smile:

Everyone else, feel free to jump in. If there are unclaimed issues after Nest, I’ll start working on them myself.

Well that took longer than I expected, but we now have schedules out through F42, which seems impossibly far into the future. Thanks for everyone who helped work with other teams to get edits!