About our IRC meeting tomorrow (Wednesday)

Hi folks,
our next IRC meeting is scheduled for tomorrow. If I remember correctly, Ben has other duties and can’t participate and therefore can’t chair. Ben made some suggestions for the chair. Probably I missed something, has someone taken the task? Ben suggested providing an agenda proposal about 2 days in advance and prepare the topics in a discussion thread. If I remember correctly, the focus of tomorrow’s meeting should be our backlog. Is anyone working on a preparation?

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If we are going to talk about our backlog, then I guess I can chair this one.
The agenda will then be straight forward:

  • Take a few minutes to talk about the triage process (see proposed workflow below).

    It may be a good idea to use tags to help categorize issues so any contributors can quickly find the type of work they are interested in (content vs tooling).
    I created a few to start with, but we can add more to it if needed.

  • Then spend the remaining time to look at oldest tickets.

    The workflow could be something like this:

    • Figure out if the issue is still relevant (some tickets are 3+ years old).
    • See if there is any on-going actions that need an update.
    • Discuss on how to implement or fix the issue.
      Maybe limit that to 5 minutes or something so we can process as many open tickets as we can. If it requires a longer discussion, we can use the meeting tag and spend more time on it in a futur meeting, or use a dedicated thread here.
    • tag/prioritize & add comment if needed.
    • Is anyone interested in working on it?
    • Move to the next item.

I am not sure if I can make it today. But I will try :slight_smile:

@darknao Thanks for your initiative!

I would like to discuss:

#36: docs author credit list

I would like to modify the proposal. As Matthew noted: Credit is currency in open source!

I would like for each document preferrable at the top beyond the title or alternatively in the footer:

  • author(s)
  • reviewer
  • translator
    or at least
  • author(s)
  • contributors

And I would like to show the last modification date here as well (in addition to the footer) and the Fedora release it refers to.

May be, we leave the existing docs as is and apply the credit just to new or updated docs.

We would need:

  • a design proposal
  • modification of the tool

Unfortunately, I can’t contribute to those.

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#67 Add “last modified” or “page creation date” to Fedora Docs

We should add a comment, as I understand something like:
The implementation is done, until now in stg. Implementation in published docs is deferred until ??? Will be closed as soon as completed in published doc.

Translations are done at https://translate.fedoraproject.org and each page can have long list of contributors (Each sentence can potentially have unique translator), don’t think that is needed to be added to the doc.

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Some old issues, which may be easy to deal with. (i.e. close)

#8 Document how to make links like This page has moved work

May, we can close it as outdated?

#9 In general, removing an HTML page and going to the directory level should not give a 403

Seems to be outdated? (F26) Outdated anyway?

#22 Document how to get a release note into Fedora

Given all the release notes since then, is it still an issue?

#52 epub and pdf files

Probably close as “won’t fix”?

#66 Request DuckDuckGo bang for Fedora Docs

Maybe not useful since we are working on implementing our own search functionality?

#81 Figure out remix page publishing
#81 Make Remix documentation more visible
What is the current status here ?

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Indeed, that is a bit too much. But authors and reviewers are (unfortunately) not such a long list, I guess?

Minutes and logs from today’s meeting are available.

@pboy mentioned it would be nice to have a kanban board to track progress, so here they are:

I’ve used the default layout, but we can remove/rename columns if needed.


Related to

And more generally Discussing Fedora Docs website improvement

Before yesterday, the ideas were embedding something external like DuckDuckGo (or something else), creating an own search function, or just focus on SEO so that every user can himself/herself use his/her preferred search engine. In the minutes, I read that Elastic Search and antora-lunr-extension are further alternatives.

Maybe it makes sense to close related tickets (as suggested by @pboy) and create one discussion to identify what the long term solution should be (I think there is already a consensus developing towards antora-lunr-extension?), and whether a short term intermediate solution is necessary until the other is ready for deployment (and if yes, which alternative to use for that).

However, I suggest to leave the final decisions to @darknao as such work seems to end up at his desk. I think all approaches we have put forward so far are at least “acceptable”, and this seems not a topic worth to spend too much time on: in my experience (mostly from ask.fedora), most people don’t go to Fedora Docs and search for what they need (e.g., set up a web server) but instead, they search for what they need (on google, ddg, or whatever) and then potentially end up at Fedora Docs, making SEO a more major issue anyway in my opinion. Just some thoughts :slight_smile: