Cockpit Virtual Machines

Fedora Cockpit Virtual Machines plugin:
With a few versions of cockpit and this plugin, i’ve been unable to use the Console Desktop viewer with the virt-viewer application. I’m hoping I’m missing something. Has anyone else had this issue?

  1. To reproduce: Create VM with cockpit virtual machiens.
  2. Under console, switch it from VNC to Desktop Viewer. Launch Remote Viewer.
  3. The problem appears that it creates the viewer with a “local host” address and port?
  4. I access cockpit from a remote machine by hostname. So i am not running a gui on the same machine that the VM’s are created on. Instead i manage them all via cockpit.

Does this make sense? I remember reading about a bug or issue on this, but that was a long time ago, and i thought a solution was proposed, so i want to make sure I’m not missing a step.
Thanks in advance for anyone that has experience with this and can help. It would even help to know that others have the same result.


Not sure about the bug, but I can confirm the same behavior.
Also I can confirm the same behavior with a Fedora 35 client and a Rocky 8 Cockpit VM host.

The file created is referencing the localhost and hence can not be used for remotely connecting to the host.

Looks like a repeatable cockpit issue.


which references Bug Access Denied

which I can’t read.

I’ve seen that in the past with other bugs and it’s annoying, discourages me so much from using anything RHEL / Fedora. Why would it even be locked if it’s not even security-related ? :confused:

Thank you for the replies. At least i know it wasn’t just me doing something wrong, and good find on the link, that was the bug i remember reading a long time ago. I wonder why it’s locked. Thank you.