Bridgenetworking for kvm/libvirt

Hi. I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while now, so i hope it’s possible to do what i’m after.

I have set up a fedora 34 server bare metal machine with kvm/libvirt.
I want to set up the virtual machines so that they have direct access to the lan that the host is connected to, without NAT.

Is this possible? Do you know of any guides or some easy ways to set it up?


If you haven’t already try enabling/installing cockpit. I can’t remember if I had to install cockpit-machines first for it to automate the bridging or not. I suggest using cockpit-machines as this makes setting up vms with kvm really easy.

Thanks Tom.

yeah i’m using cockpit, and i just installed cockpit-machines to get access to kvm settings.
i tried to set up a new network there, but i get the same settings as in virm-manager. meaning i can’t set up a invisible bridge to the LAN.

great! thank you, this got me a step further!

the next issue is that my windows 10 guest wont connect to the internet.
i gets ip and network info from the router, but it won’t go further, can’t ping outside of the LAN.

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It probably did not get the default route. I cannot help with how to do that since it is windows and over a bridge, but my guess is routing.

Try to ping to the gateway router address. If it gets there but not beyond then definitely routing.

yeah that’s what happening.
i’m troubleshooting my unifi router now, so hopefully i’ll be able to figure it out.

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