Windows 10 "Boxed" (Gnome Boxes VM) Bridged Newtork

Is there any way to change the default behavior of the network connection when using a “boxed” Win 10 VM to something like vbox “bridged” network?
I’ve installed the virt driver suggested here with no luck. I assumed it’s for an older version or needed by libvirt but boxes recently changed its connection behavior.
I’ve been wandering around and found some information but it seemed all related to KVM or virbr. All sugestions didn’t work and I’ve not been able to go any further searching in provided help or docs.

I would appreciate any clue to get into the right path :frowning:

You can have a check if this works …

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Oh! Thanks.
I think I’ve seen it. I don’t remember If this is one I went deep in it but I’ll give it a try again and keep you up about.

It wasn’t the ultimate answer, but you pointed me in the right direction.
I’ve dismissed “boxes” and installed “Virtual Manager”, where you can add a bridged connection like butter.
I’m moving towards remove that Win10 VM, and any other Windows or Apple OS anywhere near my devices, but I still need some “logins” to go ahead on my migration.

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