Can't use Skype with Wayland for Screen Sharing

I have to use Skype on Edge to share screens; neither the official version nor the flatpak version has the option to share screens in a Wayland session. I don’t know when this feature will be available.

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This is not a Fedora issue btw. . .

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I know; I thought someone might have already found a solution to this issue.

you can use the web app to share your screen in Wayland.

I have been doing that; I am using Edge only for Skype.

I love this so much, lol.

Not only is it not a Fedora issue, to be specific it is a Skype/Microsoft issue. Check out this support post and subsequently the only Wayland topic in the feedback portal… crickets.

Can MS Teams screenshare in Wayland?

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Yeah, sorry if it wasn’t clear, that’s why it is hilarious