Can't seem to change the Fedora version of a bug report at

I already received the notification that a bug report I made at is going to be closed automatically unless I update the version of Fedora:


However, I can’t find the way to change the version here:

Any thoughts?

If you can confirm the bug still exists on your machine as it is today, with either version 37 or 38 running, then enter an additional comment to show it still exists on your system as it is today on that version. Otherwise just allow it to be closed since F36 is at EOL.

Posting the comment will send email to all concerned as a refresher and update.

If there is no need to select a version to keep the ticket opened but only adding another comment, then as a suggestion, that automatic message should be modified to clarify the current step to keep it open, because in the past we had to change the version.

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As stated in the reminder message:

Note that the version field may be hidden.
Click the “Show advanced fields” button if you do not see it.

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This works. It should have been marked a solution, because it really does what the intent was originally. To change the bug version in Bugzilla.

I’m embarrassed because I didn’t see or read that sentence :man_facepalming:

Thank you anyway for clarifying what I didn’t read, someone already changed the version since I left a message over there but I didn’t expect a prompt reply hence I opened this discussion.