Can't see snaps

I installed Discord and Signal from snapcraft and I can’t see them anywhere. They don’t show up on the Gnome application window.

The terminal windows shows them to be installed

If I type the name of the application which I heard should just launch it, it says ‘command not found’

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Not sure about this, probably worth looking at the issues wherever these are provided from (snapcraft?) since these aren’t provided/maintained by the Fedora community. It doesn’t look like it’s a Fedora specific issue, though:

Note: I use both Signal and Discord from FlatHub (Flatpaks) and they show up fine in the application list and function perfectly. Fedora is better integrated with the Flatpak ecosystem in general. We even provide packages from the repos in Flatpak form for use on Silverblue.

flatpack seems to be working, thanks

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