Can't find spotify after installing from snap

installed spotify with snap install spotify and it installed successfully but i can’t find the app in the machine :smiley:

You might try opening a terminal and typing spotify.Also if your using wayland try xorg and check.Not all app’s are working well with the new gnome42.

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no i was searching in the activities but it appeared after a reboot. i guess this os still needs lots of work to be done, too early to use as main os :slight_smile: in fact the gnome terminal won’t open i’ve been troubleshooting this for days now :smiley:

Sounds that your install or hardware has a problem. Fedora is stable and works wonderfully.

Please provide more info if you want help.

Btw why run snaps on Fefora as there is native support for Flatpaks?

Nope, not happening in my two laptops with fedora 36 and fedora 37, flatpak install doesn’t need restart, in my fedora linux system, if I finished install flatpak program, that’s program always directly appear when we search that program in activity. No need to reboot the laptop/computer. See my SS below.

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