Can't install F36 on multiboot Windows/Linux PC

So I’ve tried to install F36 on my Windows/Linux multiboot system and simply cant. I created new partition (/dev/sda20) prior Live CD boot, booted Fedora, selected custom partitioning and installer sees this newly created partition under “Unknown” category. I can select it, set / mount point, format it, great. But now here goes not so nice part of installation. My efi partition is on /dev/sda1 and I simply can’t see an option to select it anywhere. Why is that, what am I missing? I installed at least 10 other distros on this PC in multiboot mode and only fedora installer is showing such miracles. All of my installed distros use /dev/sda6 as a swap partition, but again - in Fedora installer I can’t see/select this partition. Guys, please help me to install Fedora.

This is going from memory but last I checked Fedora was fairly picky about the efi partition. It needs the partition type to be set to be an efi partition.(ef00)

However, many distros use and create normal fat32 partitions for the efi.

Check and ensure that your efi partition has the correct type.

My /dev/sda1 partition is EFI partition, it has et00 type and all other linux distributions ( at least 8) where able to use this partition without any single problem. Also installer does not see swap partition as available when it perfectly exists:/