Can't get wireplumber to monitor mike input

Hi, I’m running Fed36 and I’m having a lot of time wasted trying to get it to recognise a headset mike plugged into the built-in sound card audio input.

I have line out connected to an audio amp and that’s fine. I used pavucontrol to connect firefox and audacity output streams to “Built-in Audio Analog stereo” and get the expected output.

If I record with audacity at the same time as ffx is playing , it picks up the sound track of the video.

Any attempt to set the input to another profile gets silent recordings and if I stop the recording this setting is not retained. At the next recording it sets itself back to monitoring lineout.

How do I get sound off the mike and how can I connect it to audacity’s record stream ?


PS some extra info.

I’ve found that if ffx is not playing I can switch audacity recording to “Built-in Audio Pro” and it does record. However, now the output also automatically gets switched and I have no output.

If ffx is playing it automatically switched to monitor lineout instead of what I just configured to.

In short the damned software is trying to think for me !!! And making a mess of it.

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