Can't complete system update on Nobara


New to Linux, can’t complete system update, please see error message below. Still have 8.8Gb of updates to go but it gets stuck on this one, Running Nobara 36, Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Internal error:

Error running transaction: file /usr/share/wallpapers/F36 from install of kde-settings-36.1-10.fc36.noarch conflicts with file from package f36-backgrounds-kde-36.1.1-1.fc36.noarch

I am afraid I have to refer you to the Nobara 36 project as the package which is in conflict with Fedora is f36-backgrounds-kde

Current Fedora 36 version of this packages is f36-backgrounds-kde-36.1.1-1.fc36.noarch

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Welcome to Linux and the community.
Nobara does some things different from Fedora. So you are probably better off asking Nobara directly.

Anyway: 8.8 GB for an Update seems a lot. How old is your iso and is it after a fresh install?


All good it was worth a shot.

I’ve had this issue before on an update in the past that I couldn’t get around where it gets stuck on one update so it doesn’t go any further any other system updates pile up. As this is only a test machine before I take the leap to linux I put it down for a while and now we are here with a newish error and 8.8Gb of updates still to go.

Hi @shuzbut ,
Just curious, but why not just install Fedora Linux instead of a derivative?

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Hi @jakfrost,

I mainly use my pc for gaming, as this is literally my first rodeo I thought id choose a distro that would fit my needs as much as possible out of the box as well as being user friendly, Nobara seemed to tick all those boxes on paper. If I continue to have these issues I will be going to Fedora.

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So it looks like you only have this issue cause they changed Fedora’s default wallpaper and logo. And because your packages are that old, you get that error.

If that is a test machine anyway I would just do a fresh install.

Go for it and check your Games

EDIT: Try the fix in the Link first to see if it would work. But even if I would go with a clean fresh install on bare metal

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