Can't adjust the speaker sound

Anyone else seeing this? This week at some point my laptop stopped letting me adjust the speaker volume. It is stuck at maximum volume, I can’t mute it or turn it down using the buttons on the keyboard. When I press the volume down button it sort of acts like it’s doing something, it brings up the volume representation on the screen, but the level doesn’t change. Any ideas? Maybe a CLI way to turn it off?

EDIT: Using a MBP M1

Can’t offer any advice, but just to confirm I am on a MBP 16" M1 and it’s fine, and am up-to-date with updates as of 24 hours ago.


:person_shrugging: It is working again. What I did:

  1. Reboot into Mac OS
  2. Turn the volume all the way down until muted
  3. Shutdown and boot back into Asahi

Maybe I had already done the necessary software update and the reboot fixed it, who knows. I’m just glad it’s working again!

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