Asahi Fedora: Speakers of M2 MBP won’t play sound (using Pulseaudio)


I switched to pulseaudio from pipewire because I had some issues with crackling sound. Now, my speakers won’t play anything, but when I plug in headphones, everything works just fine. pavucontrol apparently recognises the speakers, I can adjust the volume etc., but they don’t play anything. How can I fix this?

From Ask Fedora to Ask Asahi

Pulseaudio is not supported. You have to use PipeWire, which is where all the speaker enablement work is implemented.

By removing PipeWire you also uninstalled all of our speaker support (dnf will have uninstalled asahi-platform-metapackage-audio and asahi-audio) since they are not supported on Pulseaudio.

Ok, thank you very much, so can I just install these packages again?

Yes, reinstall pipewire and I think they should come back with it.

Ok, I just did that and rebooted, sound works again, but the volume buttons on my keyboard don’t…