Macbook 14 M1 pro

Excellent!! I have speakers :smiley:
Thank you Asahi team!!


Apple MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1, 2020) speakers work too :grinning:

I have the same model - I didn’t think this would be possible, but the audio really does sound better than on macOS!


How? Do I just dnf upgrade or do I have to manually enable something?

sudo dnf --refresh upgrade and reboot!


i tried that earlier but nothing happened. seems like 16” support will come later. still good to keep this up for other people though!

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Started working on my 16" today!

Nothing here… running the latest kernel. 16". Wonder why…

Confirm that M1 Max works too.

You should perform a reboot after upgrade

Run asahi-diagnose if you are having trouble, it will point out some audio-related issues.


Yeah, it’s great. Now, we have camera & speakers… I hope microphone support is near too :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, thanks a lot to those who are doing the hard work. :slight_smile:

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Nah I was missing ‘asahi-audio’ for some reason. Working now!

Sounds like you’re missing asahi-platform-metapackage then. That was mentioned here.

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Yup, was missing that also. All good now, I think. Thanks for the help!

Hey @marcan I just checked with asahi-diagnose just to be sure and It said that I had Pro audio enabled, after checking the wiki, it would have been like I did some haxx to get the speaker working early, but I clearly did not ! here are the logs before and after running the commands from the wiki.

Since you’ve already deleted the configs, unfortunately we can’t know what happened any more. There are a lot of people that messed around with their audio settings unknowingly though. It doesn’t mean you were trying to get speakers working early, but if you changed the profile to Pro Audio at any time (even just for the headphone only device), then yeah, it would trigger that.

At some point we’ll probably have to figure out a way to hide the Pro Audio profile entirely, since it’s rather useless for the integrated audio.

I adapted the text on the wiki page to reflect that changing the profile for the headphones is another possible cause.

Ah, oh yeah at some point I saw pro audio when I had my headphone plugged in, I have a probably stupid follow up question that is, is there any way I can estimate if I damaged my speaker, because they sound alright but don’t know if there anything I can do :thinking: ?

Is this the right audio profile.
I also have the pro audio as unused devices.