Can't access internet through proxy

I am behind a proxy server. Now my connection is working partially in the sense that I can access internet through browser.
But nothing else e.g. ping, ssh and other apps like evolution, polari etc is not working.

Kindly help.

Hi @Barud! Welcome to the community! Please have a look at the introductory posts in the #start-here category if you haven’t had a chance to do so.

How did you configure your proxy for browser to work: did you enter proxy parameters in browser settings, or in Gnome Settings?

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Network proxy limits your connectivity by design.
There’s no easy solution, however you have the following options:

  • Limited connectivity:
  • Full connectivity:
    • Contact the network administrator and motivate him to resolve your issue.
    • Utilize encapsulation via L2 or L3 tunneling protocols supporting proxy traversal such as OpenVPN and SoftEther VPN.
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Thanks for your reply. I have configured the proxy in gnome-settings->network. But, after that browser asked me for username and password; not other apps.
e.g. evolution is set to take proxy setting from desktop, but it is not doing so.