Proxy issue after last update (no aplication connects to the network)


I’ve been away for a few weeks and after applying the 2-week worth of updates that were pending, the apps on my Fedora 39 KDE spin are no longer able to connect to the network via my institution proxy configured on the system.

ping works, the proxy is still configured in KDE config and the HTTP(S)_PROXY / http(s)_proxy variables are all there, but no application connects using the system configuration.
(obvious rebooting and plugging unplugging, etc, were tried and failed)

Nextcloud, Thunderbird and Firefox all fail to connect.
If I configure Firefox to autodetect the proxy, though, then it connects fine.

Any idea what could have triggered this?

Export both lower and upper case variables:

Try this way if the issue persists:
DNF not working behind a proxy - #6 by vgaetera

they are both set

Suggest you use curl to debug this, read the man curl to find out the options.

Try accessing an http or https page telling curl to use your institutions proxy.
You can tell curl to report headers and data exchanged to debug this.

You can post the output here for comment.

If you need exact command line reply and I can figure that out for you.

Thanks for the advice, I’m out of office again but I will check this out next week!