Mullard VPN causes: No Internet Access after update in Fedora 39 (KDE Spin)

Hi, I updated my laptop (Fedora 39 KDE spin) using discover a few minutes ago. After a reboot my PC can no longer connect to the internet. It is “connected” to my router but I can’t access LAN or WAN at all. This is only an issue on this device. Running ping returns From ICMP_seq=1 Destination Port Unreachable ping: sendmsg: Operation not permitted
This error also happens for the gateway.

Both the LAN port and WiFi Card are affected. The WiFi card shows up in ip a and NetworkManager is active&running.

The issue was Mullvad VPN. If someone stumbles across this in the future, check to make sure you don’t have a VPN client installed and that you disable any kind of “Lockdown Mode” that blocks internet unless you’re connected to said VPN. Mullvad has not even been active on this PC in over 3 months so having that app auto update and break the internet is a bit upsetting.

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