Able to connect to router, unable to connect to the internet

i am having a problem getting a computer back online. i have a machine fedora 39, running just fine until i did a standard update recently. i am now unable to get the machine back online. i see it seems to be connected to my router with ipv4 address and standard info. i tried to rollback the update, without a connection i can not. checked with nmcli, things are green except for connectivity is limited. i disabled the firewall. i connected via cat5 line. the ping function doesn’t work. i searched online for some answers, still nothing works. i am completely stumped. does anyone know what can be done about this issue? any help would be greatly appreciated

Certain websites are not opening in fedora - #4 by vgaetera

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Hi. thanks for the link… i get to step three in the list of steps and i get a resolve call failed.

It was the VPN all along. it was in lock down mode.