Cannot switch input method inside Gnome terminal / Text Editor

Silverblue 39.

Cangjie input method added.

I am using default meta-space to switch between Cangjie and English input methods.

With Chrome browser, working fine.

But with TextEditor and Gnome Terminal, I can switch from English to Cangjie, but cannot from Cangjie back to English.

Anyone got similar issue?

May I ask you how did you add Cangjie input method?

I’m using Italian and Japanese (Anthy) input methods on Fedora Workstation 39 and I can switch back and forth with meta-space without any issue anywhere.

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I fresh install F38 workstation in virt-manager. meta-space works normally. Then Software prompts me to download F39. I followed the prompt, and updated to F39. Then meta-space failed to switch from Cangjie back to English.

I add that using Gnome Software, by searching for Cangjie .


I guess it may be a bug in F39. I tried to search for an existing known bug, but I didn’t find it.
I suggest you to file this bug in Bugzilla.