Cannot shutdown, logout,... on Fedora 40

Hi there, folks.
I’m new to Fedora, just setup a Fedora 40 KDE on my Zephyrus G14 (2023) recently, so far, the experiences seem nice. However, sometimes, I cannot shutdown or logout my machine using the UI in the menu, and I must shutdown using command line. Click the button simply do nothing at all, no notification,… As I look into the log, I notice each time I press that, it produces couples of something like this:
hibernation is restricted; see man kernel_lockdown.7
which is pretty weird since I do not try to hibernate the machine. I don’t have the time to investigate more into it, but my best guess is some process try to block the feature, could be the im-chooser since I remember using that couple of times when I have the error.

Long story short, do you guy have situation when shutdown/logout button not working before, what might be the root cause for this?

A web search for this gets a number of hits with info.

I wonder if you have a swap file configured that is triggering this message.
What is the output of swapon?

There are claims that you can ignore the message is you are not trying to hibernate.

Apparently this is an related to secure boot.
You could try turning off secure boot and see if the login issue is fixed.
Then work on how to have logout and secure boot enabled.

Yeah I look at some of those as well, gonna try to look into it a bit more when I have time. And fyi, yes I do enable Secure Boot, more specifically I’m using an dualboot system with BitLocker + LUKS enabled, so it might has something to do with that. However, the problem is I’m not trying to hibernate/sleep, just try to shutdown or logout, even restart, but neither of them work, and the hibernatelog happens every time I try to press any of those button.

I am curious about the output of swapon do you have a swap partition defined on a disk?
New installs only have zram for swap.

Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. Yes, I only have the default zram of Fedora, and as I said, I didn’t try to hibernate/sleep or anything

I am out of ideas, suggest you raise a bug in the fedora bugzilla so a developer can hopefully help.

Yep, thank you for your help. I’ll definitely raise a bug report once I know more detail and be able to replicate the bug.

I can confirm that I am experiencing the same problem.
I am unable to perform a reboot, shutdown, or logout.
However, I can confirm that reboot and shutdown from the terminal are functional.

this bug is in the bugzilla already