Cannot resize for installation

Hi all,
I am coming back to Fedora with a brand new ASUS UX 325E, ssd 500 Gb, RAM 16Gb, with W10 preinstalled on EFI.
I want to install Fedora 35 so I need to make space. But when I want to resize the main partition nvme0n1p3 formatted “BitLocker”, I got the message error “unformatted devices are not resizable”.
I tried the automatic option but it returns that I need to make space… by resizing. So back in the trap.
I think I miss something obvious as I can’t find any relevent post.
Please help!

You will need to boot into windows and use it’s disk manager to shrink the file system and partition used by windows to leave enough free space for your linux install. You likely will need no more than 100 to 150 GB remaining for windows. Leave the empty space unallocated and linux will gladly install in the free space.


You can’t because your drive is locked with bitlocker and this bitlocker is system is preparatory and not supported by linux so you have to unlock drive from your windows system and either remove the bitlocker or shrink the partition with disk management and make some unallocated then you can install on that drive rest. as @computersavvy told.


Thank you, I am going to backup my data’s from W10 first, and when it will be under 150Go, I will shrink the partition. For now, W10 partition manager analysis gives me only 196Go available for Fedora.
I want to make it my first OS, so I will take time to clean before resizing. I will edit this post and mark as resolved asap.

Thank you all for your kind input.