Cannot boot Live USB

Image is Fedora-Workstation-Live-x86_64-30-1.2.iso
Downloaded & written to USB usiung supplied Fedora software

Ryzen 3600 CPU, Asrock B450 Pro M4 mobo.
Currently Windows 10 installed w/ Hyper-V enabled

Won’t boot, systemd messages appear on screen saying ‘FAIL’, then one just times out…

Is this a lingering issue re Ryzen Zen 2 CPUs?

The Ryzen 3000 series has a known bug where the RDRAND instruction is messed up (it says it succeeded but returns -1), and systemd uses RDRAND early boot for random UUID generation. The in-development systemd tree has a fix, but it hasn’t been released yet. Although Fedora has backported the fix, the primary ISO hasn’t been updated to include it.

Check for BIOS updates which are starting to become available now. Failing that, you can use one of the respin ISOs, which do have a fix (you want F30-WORK, which is the standard Fedora Workstation).