Cannot boot 6.1 kernels

I can´t boot kernels 6.1.5, 6.1.6 and 6.1.7, I use Intel Core i3-6006U and Intel HD Graphics 520. What can I do?

Your situation seems different than the ones above. You might want to create your own thread since this one already has a solution.

Please provide more info than just “these kernels will not boot” in the new thread.

I’ve just upgraded to Kernel 6.1.7 but, for me, the problem is still there.

My Fedora Kinoite 37, with every 6.1.* kernel and Nouveau driver, is still getting stuck on the KDE logo after the sddm login (both with Wayland and Xorg). I noticed that the problem is present only if I’m connected to the internet (via wifi). If I remain disconnected I can successfully boot onto the latest 6.1.7 kernel, but when I connect to my wifi, immediately everything freezes.
With kernel 6.0.18, not problem at all.

I just tried everything you said and the same thing happens to me.